Tomas Kutavičius

Field of Practice:

Music / Sound

City, Country:

Vilnius, Lithuania


1993, 1994


Nov 1993 - Nov 1993

Born 1964.

Tomas Kutavičius inherited his appreciation for music from his father, the composer Bronius Kutavičius. Later, he studied piano, classical music and jazz at the M. K. Čiurlionis Art School, the Vilnius Conservatoire and the Lithuanian Academy of Music.

He also studied composition with his father and wrote his first piece of music in 1991 which he presented at the Vilnius and Kaunas jazz festivals. Kutavičius’ compositions are influenced by classical and Lithuanian music as well as jazz. In 1997, he received the Grand Prix at the International Grenoble Theatre Festival for his music composed for a production of the theatre studio »Ąžuolas«. As a musician Kutavičius has toured widely in Eastern and Western Europe as well as the US.

In addition to his work as a pianist and composer, Tomas Kutavičius teaches at the Liepaites Choir School.

Selected projects: Operas: »Mother’s Eyes«, 1999; »Carmen Songs«, 2003; »Longnose the Dwarf« (after the fairy-tales by Wilhelm Hauff) 2005; ballet: »We Play Hopscotch, We Play Chess«,1996; two musicals for children: »Jeronimas’ Tales«, 1997; »The Horse and the River«, 1998; incidental music for theatre productions and various jazz compositions.

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