Yves Habran

City, Country:

Nancy, France


2007, 2008, 2009


Feb 2008 - Feb 2008

Yves Habran is an Associate Professor at ICN Business School. He mainly lectures in accounting, controlling, performance measurement and performance management. Habran is also a university lecturer for both post-graduate and executive MBA programs.

He completed a Ph.D. in 2007 at the University of Paris X – Nanterre (Dir. P. Lorino) on the following topic: »Integration of Instrument Systems and Development of Activity Systems,« studying the analysis of commercial performance management in a bank located in eastern France.

His research interests are in the analysis of the co-construction between designers and users of instrument systems and their roles in the development of the collective activity and the design and uses of evaluative tools and the question of reflexivity in the organizational dynamic.

The theoretical side of his research is rooted in activity theory (Vygotsky, Leontiev, Clot, Engeström …) as well as in the »instrumental approach« developed by French ergonomists (Rabardel, Béguin …).

Before joining the ICN Business School, Habran worked in the banking sector in Luxemburg as auditor, chief financial officer, and consultant for over twelve years.