Zorah Maria Bauer

Field of Practice:

Video / Film / New Media

City, Country:

Hamburg, Germany


1993, 1994


Dez 1994 - Apr 1995

Born 1957 in Zell am See, Austria. Video artist.

Grants: Postgraduate Scholarship by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) 1985; Austrian State Grant for composition 1990; Working grant for fine arts, Hamburg 1991; Atelier grant, Bielefeld 1992; Kunsthaus Wiesbaden 1993.

Sponsorships: Hamburger Filmförderung 1991; Filmförderung NW und Austrian Federal Ministry of Art, Wien 1992.

She was an award winner at the Prix Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria 1990 and at the Alpha Video Festival in Vienna 1991.

Exhibition: Ordnungssysteme II, Künstlerhaus Hamburg 1998.

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