Andara Shastika

Stadt, Land:

Andara Shastika or Shasti (born in Jakarta in 1992 – now based in Kassel) is an artist and organizer who embraces multi-disciplinary/directional practices and areas of curiosity. As a visual artist, Shasti works with performance and digital media on subjects such as language, revenge, curses, demonic voices, haunting and ghosts. As an organiser at the interface of art and activism, she is active in multiple Kassel-based intersectional queer feminist and BPoC-led collaborative contexts, including the livestream platform TERRARISTA TV, the BPoC artists’ initiative Cura Han Hati, and the recent first ever BPoC Festival. She is currently employed as an artistic assistant to Prof. Dr. Swantje Lichtenstein and Prof. Maria Schleiner, working on the research project »ComArts« at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. Shasti is also a vocalist with the hardcore band ORANG.