I Am

Kailum Graves, Brisbane/Australia — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - I Am

Portfolio: kailum-graves-portfolio

I Am, like a lot of my work, will be the result of obsessive Web surfing and the desire to order and rearrange seemingly endless amounts of information. The project will form part of a larger ongoing project to preserve and curate Tweets—specifically Tweets featuring the phrase ‘I’m an artist’. The Tweets capture a self-conscious desire for authenticity and a vulnerability that occupies a central position in contemporary culture, as well as the online performance of identity. We search for the ‘real’ in our experiences, material purchases, relationships, and, most importantly, in our quest for selfhood. However, real isn’t a descriptive term; rather, they must be validated by others (our audience). This notion of authenticity is a traditional and lasting feature of art, conferring as much value on the artist as it does the created object. I am fascinated with the distinction and connections between the real and what is perceived to be real, and the difference between inspiration and appropriation—the blurred lines between a nod of acknowledgement and forgery. There is no art, or history of art, without borrowing, appropriation, fraud, and theft. Art, especially new media art, is a mashup of aesthetical approaches that question authorship, while relying on the authority of the original for validation. In a way, the project is a feeble attempt to validate myself as an ‘artist’, as anxieties leave me feeling like a fraud.

Kailum Graves is an emerging new media artist critically obsessed with the Web and born-digital content. He is particularly interested in image-rich technologies and the way global media communication—a landscape controlled by a handful of multidimensional oligopolistic corporate-run networks—can be sampled, organised, and considered in new philosophical, sociological, and political terms.

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