Quantum Queer Maxims: Fueling Spiritual Engines

The artist – a self-experimenter, Queer Muslim yogi, and fine art student – is committed to curating experiences for people. Archived knowledge and experiences are the ephemeral glue that magnetizes our present realities.

Imaan Latif / Johannesburg, South Africa — Nov 16, 2020

To discover this through spiritual science, and making use of fine arts as a tool to explore and express unseen beings and unwritten contracts that may have more influence in our daily lives than we ever realize, the proposed project takes two forms (it may, however, expand beyond polarity into multiplicity as quantum and multiplicity suggest). These are an online yogic-influenced socially connecting expansive wellness program including a zine, as well as an installation for audience and participants to experience. Here we consider interactive architecture through activities and engagements, vibrational imprintation through sound vibrational songs and visual treatments. We consider the utilization of our multisensory organism, guided by gender transcendence. We are so disconnected from our spirits, sitting at computers typing all day in awkward postures blinding ourselves staring into screens. We need to implement frequent practices and modalities that undo the damage we experience from computer divisiveness and engage in other realms as well. We need to trust temporal value.

Imaan Latif is the curator of Sovereign Shakti, an identity-driven wellness company that designs routines, workshops, and programs for individuals and groups. She, Queer Muslim Yogi, is a kundalini yoga teacher and fine art student. She has hosted international yoga programs including Ojas: Decol Kundalini Yoga Program with the Shakespeare Club Festival in Amsterdam and attended many conferences on art activism and academia such as AFEMS 2018–20, LBQ Women’s Conference in Cape Town, ICRA 2018–19 by Stichting Maruf, and Queer Muslim Organization in Amsterdam. While currently a student at the University of the Witwatersrand, Latif plans on completing her studies at Gerrit Rietveld Akademie after the pandemic. She has been an apprentice for Igshaan Adams, Jake Micheal Singer, and most recently, Tracey Rose. She is currently hosting an online energy efficiency residency with Gambian Marine and Environmental Conservation Initiative.


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