Jan 25, 2006

La dernière année à Solitude

Date: Jan 25, 2006, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: Jan 25, 2006

Location: Akademie Schloss Solitude

The newest project by three Belgrade theater-makers summarizes a year at Solitude in reference to Renais’ film L’ année dernière à Marienbad. The artists weave fiction and reality into a mosaic image of the past year. Excerpts from theater projects, film segments and video footage from daily life at Solitude are assembled and offer insight into their multifaceted work. Arranged in two parts, the project begins with a projection on January 24 in the Römerstrasse space and continues on January 25 in the Akademie.

Bojan Djordjev (*1977, Belgrade), Sena Djorovic (*1977, Kursumlija) and Sinisa Ilic (*1977, Belgrade) have worked together since 1998 as a loose-knit theater group, with productions in such places as Piran, Slovenia, Ghent, Belgrade, Vienna and Lyon. Selected productions are Frida Kahlo – una pierna y tres corazones (Museum for Contemporary Art, Belgrade, 2002) und The Dracula Project (a theoretical spectacle, Theater des Augenblicks, Kaiserliches Hofmobiliendepot, Vienna, 2002; Les Subsistances, Lyon, 2003). Djordjev, Djorovic and Ilic have been fellows at the Akademie since March 2004, leading the interactive theater project Actress in May 2005. A publication of the same name appeared in fall 2005.