Apr 5, 2024

Performance »93 `TIL INFINITY« by Kathleen Bomani

in cooperation with Theater Rampe

Date: Apr 5, 2024, 20:00 Uhr


Location: Theater Rampe, Filderstraße 47, 70180 Stuttgart


Tickets are available from the Theater Rampe ticket store (solidarity pricing system)

(c) Archive Kathleen Bomani

(c) Archive Kathleen Bomani

93 `TIL INFINITY is a lecture performance that confronts the complex and intertwined histories of colonization, resistance, and exploitation, using the Agave sisalana plant as a lens.

Kathleen Bomani’s extensive research delves into the plant’s journey, starting in the Yucatan, then the Florida Everglades, and finally reaching East Africa. Through this performance, Bomani uncovers the hidden narratives of how sisal became an instrument of colonial expansion, deeply tied to the brutal realities of forced labor, indigenous dispossession, resistance, and environmental damage.

Drawing on both personal history and historical accounts, Bomani takes the audience on a journey through a landscape that exposes the erasures and silences of colonial history, while confronting its present-day socio-political and cultural ramifications. The evening includes an immersive soundscape composed by the artist, followed by further exploration and discussion.

The performance shows the present state of a work-in-progress by Kathleen Bomani. She is currently a Solitude fellow in cooperation with Theater Rampe in Stuttgart.

Kathleen Bomani is a multi-disciplinary cultural practitioner. Born in Dar-es-salaam/Tanzania, Bomani makes work rooted in unacknowledged histories of the Black Death and archives. Bomani works with a profound sense of urgency—through rigorous research and discursive interventions, her art is a recognition of the critical need to protect and preserve collective memory in the face of historical and ongoing injustice.

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