June 7–13, 2014


The famous Finnish counter-investment cooperative Robin Hood opens its first office in Germany in Stuttgart.

Date: June 7, 2014, 00:00 Uhr

Duration: June 7–13, 2014

Location: Projektraum Römerstraße 2A


The famous Finnish counter-investment cooperative opens its first office in Germany in Stuttgart
June 7-13, 2014, opening hours from 10am-7pm
Temporary office at project room Römerstraße 2

Robin Hood is an asset management cooperative, based in Finland and owned by its members, which is changing the asset management business. It was established in June 2012 in the middle of the financial crisis and crisis of Europe and it’s operation is based on something quite radical: a genuine taking care of member assets, fundamental street credibility, focused attention to social impact, total transparency, and unmatchable cost leadership and scalability.

»Could we bend the financialization of economy into the advantage of precarious workers? Could we challenge the debt mechanism of control, the command to submit to any work, the limited options we have for financing our living? Could we think of sharing the means of creating money financial capital has in its use, of putting them to work also for all of us? Could we think of a relation to money, not as binding us with debt and to capital relation, but as a means of freedom, escape, and increase of independence? Could we think of profanation of finance, of returning its space to common use and play? We think we can.«

With this declaration Robin Hood opens a temporary office where everyone is welcome to work on the Robin Hood-project and to participate in the work on the financialization of economy, tactical and open finance, financial activism, and the limits of neoliberal economy. This time Robin Hood works especially on its service design, the virtual currency relationship and the question of how to make the production of the commons actually take place. Some very interesting thinkers will come to help work on these issues.

Wed–Fri, June 11–13, 1–7pm, there will be a n-1 seminar on »Power at the End of the Economy« with Brian Massumi, Maurizio Lazzarato and Peter Pál Pelbart

Robin Hood wants to engage with three levels of politico-socio-aesthetico-technical innovation: virtual money and algorithmic production, coming forms of cooperation and bio-aesthetics. Together they constitute a possible way to think about an infrastructure of autonomization linking together finance, technology, art and subjectivation that could reopen the field of the possible. The office is open and anybody is welcome to join us in the work or just to follow it. Make an appointment or visit the office in Stuttgart!


Florin Flueras, Alina Popa, Mathieu Alexis, Akseli Virtanen, Harri Homi, Lennart Laberenz, Tere Vaden, Valentina Desideri, Marcell Mars, Adrian Lucas, Maurizio Lazzarato, Brian Massumi, Erin Manning, Peter Pál Pelbart, Bojana Cvejic, Tiziana Terranova, Jan Ritsema, David Munoz, Gianluigi Biagini among others.


Tel +358504369005
Römerstraße 2, 70178 Stuttgart


10 am–3 pm: Aesthetic paradigm of Robin Hood: What is minor asset management? Why? How?, Römerstraße 2
4 pm: Opening of Vagabundenkongress, Theater Rampe

SUNDAY, June 8
10 am–7 pm: Virtual Currency / Meetings with interested people, Römerstraße 2

MONDAY, June 9
10 am–7 pm: Production of the Common / Meetings with interested people, Römerstraße 2

TUESDAY, June 10
10 am–7 pm: Aesthetic paradigm of Robin HoodProduction of the CommonVirtual Currency / Meetings with interested people, Römerstraße 2

10 am–12 pm: Meetings with interested people
1 pm–7 pm: n-1 seminar “Power at the End of the Economy” / Peter Pal Pelbart: Cartography of Exhaustion, Römerstraße 2

10 am–12 pm: Meetings with interested people
1 pm–7 pm: n-1 seminar “Power at the End of the Economy” / Brian Massumi: Power at the End of the Economy, Römerstraße 2

FRIDAY, June 13
10 am–12 pm: Meetings with interested people
1 pm–7 pm: n-1 seminar “Power at the End of the Economy” / Maurizio Lazzarato: Signs, Machines, Subjectivities, Römerstraße 2
8 pm–10 pm: What does Robin Hood do? And Why? A Discussion with Akseli Virtanen at the Herbergssalon, Theater Rampe

2 pm–4 pm: Maurizio Lazzarato: Marcel Duchamp and the Refusal of Work, Württembergischer Kunstverein

The project is part of the FINNLAND COOL 2014 satellite program organized by the Finnland-Institut in Deutschland.

The office space at Römerstraße 2, Stuttgart is provided by the generous support of Akademie Schloss Solitude. The opening of the office is also part of Vagabundenkongress at Theater Rampe. The work of Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative is supported by Kone Foundation.

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