Nenad Romic aka Marcell Mars

Field of Practice:

Jurisprudence / Law

City, Country:

Zagreb, Croatia


2011, 2012, 2013


Jan 2013 - June 2013

Born 1972 in Benkovac/Croatia.

Nenad Romic aka Marcell Mars studied psychology at the University of Zagreb, Zagreb/Croatia and did a professional training program in psychology and psychotherapy. Furthermore, he works with Gentoo Linux and programming. After his graduation, he worked as programmer, curator, and organizer as well as in the cultural and artistic field. He organized several workshops like Programming for Non-Programmers, Zagreb (2007/2008); Wonder of Technology at the Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade/Serbia (2010).

Nenad Romic aka Marcell Mars also worked as organizer of exhibitions such as I’m Still Alive (2001) and Freedom to Creativity (2007). He participated in collaborative artistic projects like NRD Kit of NRD Van Group (2001–2006) and Gifoskop (interactive animation) with the dancers Nicolina Pristas and Maja Marjancic (2006). He is one of the founders of Media Institute, a non-governmental organization that focuses on a new media culture and technology, activism, social theory and networking. He is mainly interested in collaborative practices, communities, and networks focusing on the areas of economy, programming, education, media design and theory.