Dez 8, 2015

An Evening of Yodel with Myriam Van Imschoot and Doreen Kutzke at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at 8 p.m. Solitude fellow Myriam Van Imschoot and Doreen Kutzke present an evening of yodel, broken voice, and portrait at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. The program of the evening includes the voice performance Hola Hu and the film Yodel Portrait Doreen Kutzke.

Hola Hu
performance, 25 min

Hola Hu is a deconstructive yodel duet that takes the technique of yodeling to its minimal essence. The two performers sing as in one voice a well known yodel tune over and over with ever increasing glitches until silence and memory take over. 

Composition: Myriam Van Imschoot; Performance: Doreen Kutzke, Myriam Van Imschoot

Yodel Portrait Doreen Kutzke
German premiere, 27 min, German with English subtitles

Doreen Kutzke took to yodeling from early childhood in the former GDR. Now she makes a living as a singer in various pop and art formations, and runs a yodel school in Berlin. Artist Myriam Van Imschoot pursues with the video Yodel Portrait Doreen Kutzke her interest in breaking voice techniques. Singing techniques are intertwined with personal histories, lifelong passions and their cultural echo. 

Video: Myriam Van Imschoot

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Reuchlingstraße 4B
70178 Stuttgart

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