July 19, 2016

Franziska Gerstenberg is awarded the Sächsischer Literaturpreis 2016

Franziska Gerstenberg, author from Dresden and Solitude fellow (2010/2011), was awarded the Literaturpreis 2016 of the Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts. She receives the prize for her short story volume So lange her, schon gar nicht mehr wahr.

The 5.500 euro prize will be awarded for the sixth time this year. The jury consists of the authors Undine Materni and Constanze John, the literary critic Ulf Heise, the journalist Dr. Tomas Gärtner as well as the publisher Andreas Heidtmann.

The award ceremony takes place in the autumn within the framework of the event series »Landnahme« of the Saxon council of literature in a joint event of the council of literature and the Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts. 

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