Dez 5, 2022

Duo Herbordt/Mohren receives theater prize Der Faust for »Das Schaudepot«

Performance view of »Die Gesellschaft« by Herbordt/Mohren, room: Hannes Hartmann and Leonie Mohr, Schaudepot 2022

Akademie Schloss Solitude congratulates former fellows Bernhard Herbordt and Melanie Mohren (Herbordt/Mohren) on being awarded the theater prize Der Faust for the production »Das Schaudepot« in collaboration with Theater Rampe, Stuttgart.

Bernhard Herbordt (*1978 in Würzburg/Germany) and Melanie Mohren (*1979 in Bonn/Germany) have been developing joint interdisciplinary projects since 2000. Their spatial and sound installations, performances, exhibition projects, audio pieces and theater and music theater works are produced and presented in a wide variety of international contexts.

Herbordt/Mohren received an award in the category »cross-genre performers« for the production Das Schaudepot, a model institution for the performing arts they founded in 2021, which is based in a former craft workshop in a southern district of Stuttgart. In the visual arts, show depots are places where a museum’s objects that are not on permanent display are stored and simultaneously made accessible to the general public. Herbordt/Mohren have attempted to transfer this principle to the performing arts. Their show depot combines research facility, archive, material store and event venue. It is open to the local population as well as to international guests. Please visit for further information.

The Faust Theater Prize has been awarded annually since 2006 by the German Stage Association (Deutscher Bühnenverein) in collaboration with the federal states, the Cultural Foundation of the Federal States and the German Academy of the Performing Arts to outstanding artists in the categories of performers, staging, space, sound and media, costume, cross-genre performers and lifetime achievement. A seven-member jury appointed by the German Academy of the Performing Arts decides on the award recipients. Please visit for further information.