Winnie Huang

Field of Practice:

Aural & Physical


Solitude fellowship

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2022, 2023


Apr 2024 - Nov 2024


Winnie Huang is a Chinese-Australian violinist, violist, gestural performance artist and composer currently based in Belgium and France.

An active performer of new music, Huang is co-artistic director and violinist with the Paris-based new music ensemble soundinitiative and co-founder of performative duo LOOKOUT. As part of the Contemporary Leaders, Huang is also currently co-curating the annual Lucerne Festival Forward and coaching at the summer Lucerne Festival Academy in Switzerland.

She works frequently with emerging and established composers and performs with international ensembles at international festivals on a regular basis. Career highlights have included solo performances at the Berliner Philharmonie (Berlin/Germany), KKL Lucerne in 2018 with Karlheinz Stockhausen’s INORI, and a solo show performing her own works at the Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg/Germany) in 2020, among many international ensemble tours in Europe, US and Australasia.

Huang’s strong interest in the performance of interdisciplinary musical-gestural pieces is explored through her own original compositions and collaborations with other composers, developing highly gestural contemporary works. An engaging educator, Huang has been a guest lecturer at leading institutions in Europe and Australasia. Academically, Huang’s artistic doctoral research, completed in 2021 through the Orpheus Institute Ghent/Belgium and the Royal Academy Antwerp/Royal Conservatoire Antwerp/Belgium, was on interdisciplinary musical-gestural performance and collaborative processes, and she is expanding her artistic research further in these fields.