Andrej Lasarew

Field of Practice:

Performing Arts

City, Country:

Almaty, Kazakhstan


2000, 2001


Oct 2000 - Jan 2001

Born 1973 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Studied German 1990-1994 at the University for World Languages, Almaty as well as film and theater directing 1992-1996 at the German Theater Academy, Almaty. Director and actor.

He debuted as director in 1990 with Evgeni Bogdanov’s “Two from the café”. Since 1993 member of the German Theater Almaty where he first directed E.T.A. Hoffmann’s “Der Nussknacker” (The Nutcracker) in 1994.

After the German Theater Almaty became the first theater ensemble to receive a fellowship from the Akademie Schloss Solitude (10/2000-1/2001), Lasarew was a guest fellow on his own in the summer of 2001.

In 2001 he directed the following works in Stuttgart: the presentation of Rodica Draghincescu’s poems “Ergebenst, Ihre R.D.” (Sincerely yours, R.D.), the theater plays “Ich aber bin hier geboren” (But I was born here) and “Annäherung an Idole” (Approaching idols) at Solitude and the world premiere of Katharina Tanner’s “Alles Liebe” (All Love) at the Rampe Theater.

Other activities: contributor for the TV-show “Good Evening!” at Kazakhstan’s 1st Channel, Almaty 1994-2000; head of a work shop at the theater festival “Welt in Basel”, Basle 1999; head of the festival at the Kazakh-German University, Almaty 1999.

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