Aria Adli

City, Country:

New York, NY, United States


2003, 2004, 2005


Nov 2003 - July 2004

Born 1972 in Cologne/Germany.

Studies of linguistics in Toulouse/France (Diploma 1998), then studies of psychology in Bonn/Germany (Diploma 2000).

Since 1999 scientific associate of Prof. Sternefeld, University of Tübingen/Germany. 2003 Ph.D. dissertation within the collaborative research center „Linguistische Datenstrukturen: theoretische und empirische Grundlagen der Grammatikforschung“ (Linguistic data structures: theoretical and empirical basis of grammar research) on the topic „Grammatische Variation und Sozialstruktur“ (Grammatical variation and social structure).

His linguistic research is based on the theory of grammar, variationist linguistics and empirical/experimental methodology. Questions of sound perception brought him to the Music Academy in Stuttgart, where he studied the technical aspects for sound in computer music in the summer of 2001.

Publications include: “Des morphèmes intonatifs sont-ils impliqués dans la syntaxe interrogative du français? Le cas du qu-in-situ.” To appear in: Meisenburg, Trudel & Maria Selig (eds.). Nouveaux départs en phonologie: les conceptions sub- et suprasegmentales. Tübingen: Narr, 2003; „Grammatische Variation und Sozialstruktur: eine empirische Untersuchung anhand von Interrogativstrukturen des Französischen“ (Grammatical variation and social structure: an empirical study on French Interrogatives), Ph.D. dissertation, Tübingen 2003.

During his stay at Solitude, Aria Adli will especially work on the synergy between linguistics and art. In addition, he will further his dissertation results in other scientific publications and an installation on the topic „Grenzbereiche akustisch-phonetischer Wahrnehmung“ (Borders of acoustic-phonetic perception) is in planning.