Dez 14, 2006

CANCELLED: art, science & business / dialog: Aria Adli

Date: Dez 14, 2006, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: Dez 14, 2006

Location: Akademie Schloss Solitude


In the center of segments

Speech recordings from two sets of field research, for which Aria Adli traveled to Paris and Teheran to record, are the starting point for the composers of three pieces of work for electronics and speakers/singers. The “In the Centre of Segments” series plays with the boundaries between spoken and pure sound. Speech and voice fragments that initially do not seem unusual are isolated, then expanded, and then pushed into the center of perception in their (un)reality.

After the recordings’ presentation, an interdisciplinary talk will address the project’s conceptual background as well as linguistic and musical perspective.

Aria Adli (*1972 in Cologne) has been working for two years as an Emmy Noether scholar at the Department of Linguistics at New York University, on a comparative project about question formulation. He is also studying private composition with Matthew Greenbaum. He was an art, science & business program fellow in 2003-4 after earning his degree in linguistics.

The art, science & business program is supported through the State Foundation Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart. It is also made possible through the LBBW Foundation for Art and Culture.

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