Boyan Manchev

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Sofia, Bulgaria


2003, 2004, 2005


Sept 2004 - Aug 2005

Born 1970 in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Studied Bulgarian literature and language and afterwards philosophy at the Sofia University. Ph.d. with a thesis on “The Narrative System in Dostoevsky’s Novels”.

Currently assistant professor of theory of literature and philosophy of art at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. He also teaches history of European culture at the Sofia University and is director for a seminar within the framework of the International College of Philosophy in Paris.

Participated as a theorist in various artistic projects and organized a series of artistic workshops at conferences in Budapest, Istanbul and Sofia. Author of reviews and interviews on contemporary art, music and philosophy.

Selected publications: “Ulysses and its Double” (essay, 2002), “Sacred and Excess. Back to Bataille” (essay, 2002), “The Unimaginable. Essays on the Sacred and the Image” (book, 2003), translation of Jean-Luc Nancy’s “Corpus” (2003).

Fellowships: National Institute for French Language (Paris, 2000), John F. Kennedy Institute (Berlin, 2001) and NEXUS fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study (Sofia, 2001/02).