Daniel Vighi

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Timisoara, Romania


2002, 2003


Aug 2002 - June 2003

Born 1956 in Lipovad/Romania.

Studied at the Faculty of Letters, University of Timisoara.

At present, lecturer for the Department of Romanian and Comparative Literature at Timisoara University.

He is a member of the Writers‘ Union as well as a founding member of the association of professional writers in Romania.

Latest publications: “Summer Island” (novel, 1999), “Temptation of the East” (essays, 1998), “December, 10 o’clock” (novel, 1997), “Vallachia of Raw Cardboard” (essay, 1996) and “Whitsuntide ’51. Fragments of the Deportation to Baragan” (monograph of contemporary history, 1994).

Selected awards: 1997 novel award and 1996 essay award of the Association of Professional Writers in Romania.

1990 scholarship at the University of Heidelberg and 1993 at the University of Strasbourg. 2001/02 invited for readings with Herta Müller by the “Lichtungen” review (Graz/Austria).1998 invited for readings at the “LiteraturWERKstatt” in Berlin.

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