Danka Sekulovic

Field of Practice:

Special Programs


Eastern European Network

City, Country:

Belgrade, Serbia




Oct 2023 - Dez 2023

Born in Belgrade/Serbia in 1985.

Danka Sekulović is a dramatist by training who also dabbles in puppetry and acrobatics in her work with a contemporary circus. She would like to increase her engagement in the fields of contemporary dance and physical theater in future. After graduating, she worked chiefly in theaters as a dramatist and assistant director.

Sekulović holds a BA from the University of Arts in Belgrade, where she was recipient of the Student of the Year Award (2007-2008). She also received the East Sarajevo-based LUT FEST festival’s Award for Best Text (2012). The autobiographical project Not the Right Leg, which showcased a new performance style, received several awards at a series of festivals for best young actor (Festival of Monodrama in Zemun/Belgrade, 2018), best music (BastaFest in Kragujevac/Serbia 2018) and most creative storytelling process (FEP festival in Backa Palanka/Serbia 2018).

For the last decade, Sekulović has been a member of Cirkusfera, an organiziation which devotes its work to the development of contemporary circus in the Balkan region, where she is engaged as  a performer, organizer, educator, pedagogue and author.

Sekulović’s project Not the Right Leg, co-produced by the Serbia-based theater companies Cirkusfera, Open Theater and Three Pennies, won numerous awards at festivals throughout Serbia. In addition to creating and performing in the show, Sekulović has also performed in several other productions in the last decade, including Down and Out, a contemporary dance, circus and theater performance produced by Three Pennies (Serbia); Radovan, contemporary dance performance produced by Cirkusfera, Cirkorama and My!Laika (Serbia, Croatia and France); 0/zero, a contemporary circus performance, produced by Cirkusfera and Bitef (Serbia); You Can’t Please Everyone, a contemporary circus and theater show for children, produced by Little Theater Dusko Radovic (Serbia) and Duel, a contemporary circus show produced by Cirkusfera, Cirkorama and Un loup pour l’homme (Serbia, Croatia and France).

Sekulović is currently working on a news show entitled The Ways of Being, a collaboration with a colleague from the Slovenian organization MismoNismo.

Links to the photos and trailers for the shows: https://linktr.ee/not_the_right_leg