Dez 1, 2023

Winter Feast with Open Studios

Date: Dez 1, 2023, 16:00 Uhr


Location: Akademie Schloss Solitude

Opening times:

16 bis 22 Uhr

Design: Basics09

Design: Basics09

Akademie Schloss Solitude cordially invites you to the Winter Festival on December 1 from 4 to 10 pm.
Artists and scientists from Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Iran, Croatia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Ukraine and the USA will open their work and living studios to the public and participate in the program with installations, performances and short readings.

With the Winter Festival, the Akademie would like to give all visitors the opportunity to find out more about the current fellows` projects and create space for personal and artistic encounters.

Fellows and team look forward to your visit.

Admission is free. Local caterers will provide food, drinks and mulled wine.


5–5.30 pm

»Tangled« with Danka Sekulovic

Performance and circus art in English
Foyer, 2nd floor

7.30–5.45 pm

»The Boy Named Johnny« with Moe Thet Han and Moonis Ahmad

Reading in Burmese and English
Guibal-Saal, ground floor

6–6.20 pm

»The Other Lady Gaga, autobiographical (re)writing and reclaiming« with Stefani J. Alvarez

Performative reading in Filipino and English
Guibal-Saal, ground floor

6.30–6.45 pm

»Männer, die von Monden träumen« with Juan S. Guse

Reading in German
Guibal-Saal, ground floor

6.30–7 pm

7–8 pm

»Living in the Interstitium: a reflection on art-science collaborations« with Vivek Hari Sridhar

With the participation of Yiming Yang, installation and new media artist; Eduardo Noya Schreus, sound artist and composer; Hemal Naik, Postdoc, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior; Meg Crofoot, Director, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior

Conversation in English
ABR library, 2nd floor

7–8 pm

Screenings, Guibal-Saal, ground floor

Neda Kovinic
»Animals that Are Missing« (Experimental film, 9 min., 24 sec., 2023)

Yasen Vasilev
»NUTRICULA« (Video performance, 28 min., 7 sec., 2015)

Cristina Planas
»DNV – HIM (WIP)« (Film documentation of a performance, 27 min., 2023)

8.15–8.45 pm

»Farewell to I – Archiving through Dissolution (Parts of Dance II)« with Yon Natalie Mik

Lecture Performance
Guibal-Saal, ground floor

8.15–8.45 pm

9–10 pm

Screenings, Guibal-Saal, ground floor

Moonis Ahmad
»Echographies of the Invisible«
(Video, 11 min., 2023)

Madalina Zaharia
»Bye Bye Confidence«
(Film, 17 min., 55 sec., 2023)

Liubov Durakova
»It Is Time to Become a Strong Girl« (Documentation, 21 min., 2014)

Marvin Flores Unger
»Pinax 2023«
(Video art, 5 min. 23 sec, 2023)


Studio 2, ground floor

Alagya – Aron Lodi & Szilvia Bolla

»Alagya – Earth Writers of The Cheap Nature (working title)«
Installation, sculpture

Studio 6, ground floor

Cristina Planas

»Golden Girl championship«  (Film documentation, 11 min., 13 sec., 2018)

»DNV« (Video loops and video clips, various lengths, 2019–2023)

Studio 7, ground floor

Kükelhahn (Gabriela Kühnhardt Alvarez)

»This term needs a translation (拉いでる, ghosting) II«
Mixed-media installation, varying formats

Metal workshop, basement

Selma Banich

»Solitude, the Indigo Experiments«
Textile work

Studio 10, ground floor

Arsita Iswardhani

Four-hour micro dance performance (Video archive/documentation)

Studio 11, ground floor

Moonis Ahmad

»Phantoms of Inconsistency«
Video, prints

Studio 12, ground floor

Stefani J. Alvarez

»The Other Lady Gaga, an autobiographical (re)writing and reclaiming«
Mixed-media collage (mirrors, frames & video installations)

Studio 14, ground floor

Jan Nicola Angermann

Studio 16, 1st floor

Yon Natalie Mik

»No Tomorrow – Scores for the Unreliable Body (Parts of Dance I)«
Visual Poems, Video

Studio 18, 1st floor

Yiming Yang

»Deceptive Behavior«

Studio 20, 1st floor

Leila Hekmatnia


Studio 21, 1st floor

Viron Erol Vert

»In Progress«

Studio 26, 2nd floor

Silke Hofmann

»exploring clothing needs in the spectrum of breast cancer«
Prototypes and video documentation

Studio 27, 2nd floor

Liera Polianskova & Liubov Durakova

ABR library, 2nd floor

Vivek Hari Sridhar

»Living in the Interstitium: a reflection on art-science collaborations«
Mixed media/sound

Atelier 15, ground floor

Judith Kisner

»Dog Days«

Atelier 15, ground floor

Komborerei Chapfika

Painting and installation

Oberer Hirschgang, ground floor

Oupa Sibeko

Foyer, ground floor

Marvin Flores Unger

Cardboard sculpture

Foyer, ground floor

Jan Nicola Angermann

»Infinity Triptych«
Multimedia sculpture

Cabinet, ground floor

Digital Solitude installation