Jan Nicola Angermann

Field of Practice:

Art Coordination


Solitude fellowship

City, Country:

Stuttgart, Germany




Aug 2022 - Jan 2024



Jan Nicola Angermann interweaves artistic and curatorial work in his practice. Central concerns such as initiating sociatal change and creating collective added value are constant expressions of his actions.

For him, cultivating community is the decisive way to build a living and equivalent society. This begins with the preparation, enjoyment and consumption of food and beverage, which leads to the exchange of thoughts and ideas, the discussion of theories and established knowledge.

Conventions challenge him throughout his life and are at the same time the motor of his ceaseless search for new forms and ways. He uses sophisticated digital techniques and physical means to shape his conceptual and interdisciplinary practice. Rather than being tied to a single medium, Angermann lets the concept dictate the choice of media, which often emerges during the process of creation.

The themes in his work stem from personal experience but are linked to larger socio-political issues, exploring concepts of migration, mass production and institutional critique. His entire practice is imbued with an overarching yearning for the future, which is accompanied by a wistfulness of what has already passed.