Sept 14–24, 2023

CURRENT – ART AND PUBLIC SPACE featuring current and former Solitude fellows

CURRENT – ART AND URBAN SPACE is a transdisciplinary festival of art in urban space in Stuttgart. Operating at the interface of art and of encounters with urban space, the festival will propose formats to experimentally explore artistic forms, strategies, and practices in the context of the city. With the call to »Stay agitated!«, the second edition of the CURRENT – ART AND URBAN SPACE festival from September 14–24, 2023 deals with our crisis-ridden present, focusing on social meeting spaces. How can we constructively and mindfully confront our social emotional state – between uncertainty and stagnation?

Among others, a number of current and former Solitude fellows will participate in this year’s festival with exhibitions, performances, and symposium contributions in the WUNDERKAMMER NATURALIA / ARTIFICIALIA.

A cooperation between Akademie Schloss Solitude and WUNDERKAMMER NATURALIA / ARTIFICIALIA as part of the Festival CURRENT – KUNST UND URBANER RAUM

Excerpts from the festival program

6:30 pm

Ella den Elzen

The trouble with disorderly detail

Exhibition opening and artist talk with Jan Nicola Angermann

7 pm

Monika Czyżyk

Children of Pebbles

Finissage with a performative sound-act by Neil Luck

7:30 pm

Carlos Monroy

A Squawking Showcase And Other Parrot Tales

Exhibition opening with an ongoing performance from September 20-24, 2023

3 pm

Maan Barua

Nonhuman mobiles and urban ecologies

4 pm

Urte Laukaityte

Basal cognition: What, Why and How?

6 pm

Hannah Star Rogers

Art, Science, and the Politics of Knowledge

Also participating in the festival program are Cyrus Peñarroyo and the artist duo Herbordt/Mohren  (Bernhard Herbordt and Melanie Mohren).

22.09.2023 Symposium Unruhe bewahren! Kunst und Stadtentwicklung, Join – Junge Oper im Nord

2:30–7:30 pm among others with Herbordt/Mohren and Cyrus Peñarroyo