Devin Jernigan

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Salisbury, MD, United States


2015, 2016, 2017


Apr 2017 - Jan 2018

Born 1987 in Salisbury, MD/USA.

Devin Jernigan graduated from the University of Cincinnati, OH/USA, with a Bachelor of Science in architecture in 2009. Following, he received an Academic Fellowship to study at Princeton University, NJ/USA, where he received his master’s degree in architecture.

His academic career includes teaching at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA/USA, Princeton University, University of Cincinnati, and the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou/China. He has also worked at a variety of international high-profile design firms in New York City, NY/USA, Paris/France, Bangkok/Thailand, and Hangzhou.

In 2011 Devin Jernigan founded DreamsCache to develop architectural ideas from the latent underpinnings of humanity as fortuitously revealed through imaginative and daring dreams. A level of his DreamsCache is a series of projects: a hunting lodge for an eccentric outdoorsman, a dreaming chamber for a bashful artist, essays about 18th century mind-control architecture and dream culture, as well as others. He is currently working on a book to emphasize ideas over novelty in architecture that will be published in early 2016.