Dina Karadžić

Field of Practice:

Web, Web-based Media


FellowshipSolitude fellowship

City, Country:

Zagreb, Croatia


2017, 2018, 2019


Feb 2018 - Apr 2018

Born 1986 in Zagreb/Croatia.

Dina Karadžić resides in Zagreb. She is an artist (MFA) active in the area of visual, digital and net art. As an art director, she leads the Format C, an art organisation focused on experimental multimedia research and collaborative creation.

She (co)works as an independent media lecturer, an applied arts artisan, and an NGO project assistant at ACC Attack!. She curated #inqinc ARC discursive/exhibition program (Osijek/Croatia 2016), /’fu:bar/ glitch art expo (Zagreb 2015), a collab embassy for The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale (Osijek, 2015), free_art_-_source expo (Osijek 2016, Zagreb 2017), etc.

She initiated the Pivilion darknet project in 2016 (with Vedran Gligo), leading to the first Schlosspost Web Residency Decentralization of Internet Art (from March to April 2016); further projects include The Artist is Online (online exhibition, Stuttgart/Germany, April 2016), the dadaclub.online project (Brescia/Italy, March to April 2017), a darknet shown at the 25th Slavonian Biennale – Borders of visibility (Osijek, Februar to March 2017).

Dina Karadžić frequently participates in netdotcube collective’s program and creates _=__I_N_____________t___________ERPRETATIONS as an Exquisite Glitch member.