Feb 15, 2019

The Pivilion Workshop

The Pivilion workshop is a free software & new media art workshop based on the idea of utilizing the Raspberry Pi as an autonomous digital arts darknet gallery server.​

Date: Feb 15, 2019, 11:00 Uhr


Location: Projektraum Römerstraße 2A

The Pivilion workshop is a free software & new media art workshop based on the idea of utilizing the Raspberry Pi (a multi purposeful low cost, credit-card sized computer) as an autonomous digital arts darknet gallery server.

Participants will structure and create own darknet (multi)media galleries, while considering, applying and discussing diverse ethical, aesthetical and technical paradigms and parameters of our digital art’s means of conservation, presentation and distribution. Participants will learn how to prepare an operating system on a SD card, how to install software to a GNU/Linux Debian based system and the basic usage of Git repository hosting services. The sessions will also touch upon the topics of digital media optimization, transcoding, licensing, and structuring digital (or digitized) files in a hypermedia setting.

The workshop will give a practical insight into the GNU/Linux Debian based server system, CLI, Git and the mechanics of the Tor network. The participant’s final creation will be an online gallery OS image that can be set up and run either on the local net or on the Tor network and »squat« publicly available Wifi. Knowledge gained at this workshop can be used for setting up servers on any current GNU/Linux based system.

The workshop process is appropriate for both – beginners and more experienced creators – while the attendance is free. Workshop equipment (hardware) is provided by the organizers Dina Karadžić and Vedran Gligo, but participants are required to bring their own laptops and welcome to bring their own digital media content.​

To participate in the workshop you need to bring your own laptop.
The number of participants for the workshop is limited. Please register at: sco@akademie-solitude.de

Day 1 / Installation

11-12h — Introduction and presentation

12-13h — Basic GNU/Linux command line usage

13-15h / Break /

15-16h — Raspberry Pi initial setup and introduction

16-17h — Software installation and configuration

17-18h — Basic Git usage and installation completion

Day 2 / Gallery setup

11-12h — Testing hardware and software

12-13h — Vanity onion domain hashing

13-15h / Break /

15-16h — Digital media preparation and transcoding

16-17h — Gallery setup – upload & HTML tweaks, Pi backups  

17-18h — Setting up a temporary group exhibition

The workshop takes place at Solitude’s project space Römerstraße 2A in Stuttgart.