Ebru Nihan Celkan


Jean-Jacques-Rousseau fellowship

City, Country:

Istanbul, Turkey




Jan 2019 - Mar 2019

Born 1979 in Adana/Turkey.

Ebru Nihan Celkan received a Bachelor’s Degree in Labour Economics in 2001 from Uludağ University and an MBA degree in 2008 from İstanbul University. She started her professional career in 2003. Her acting career started at Sadri Alışık Theatre in Istanbul in 2005 and in 2007 her first play From Heaven to Hell was staged at the Sadri Alışık Theatre Festival. Between 2007 and 2008, she continued her studies on performative playwriting and performative acting theories with Studio Actors (Studio Oyuncuları).

Her play Triggerman (Tetikçi) was the opening play of Aksanat 2009 Write a Play Festival and had its first reading at the Talimhane Theatre. It also won the 3rd Playwriting Contest of Mitos-Boyut Publishing House and was published by Mitos-Boyut. Ebru Nihan Celkan’s play 17:31 was staged by Theatre 0.2 (Tiyatro 0.2) in 2010/2011. The short movie 10, 9, 8… for which she wrote the script, was screened at the Aksanat Short Film Festival in 2011. In 2011 she also established the theatre company buluT. In 2014, Celkan wrote and also directed Home! Sweet Home! (Evim! Güzel Evim). The play was staged continuously in İstanbul for two seasons and upon request toured the different cities of Turkey. Since 2013 she has been one of the instructors for the Sabancı University’s Purple Certificate program which aims to enable high school teachers from 11 pilot cities to develop a critical gender perspective as part of the »UN Joint Program for Promoting the Human Rights of Women«. Since 2015, Celkan has been running performative story writing and narration workshops for the tour-guides of Sabanci University’s Gender and Women’s Studies Forum’s »Curious Steps: Gender and Memory Tours« program.

In 2016 she established Y+O,  a platform dedicated to develop emotional intelligence. She creates projects, game-based learning workshops and contents such as gender mainstreaming, diversity, team work, power of »we«, ethic management, trust building, creating innovative approach. Ebru Nihan Celkan consults and works with multinational corporations and also with local holdings.

Publication list: Complete Plays I: After The Day Nobody Died & Where Were We?. Mitos-Boyut (İstanbul 2013); Complete Plays II: Home! Sweet Home! & 17:31. Mitos-Boyut (İstanbul 2015); Complete Plays III: Babel Towers & Triggerman. Mitos-Boyut (İstanbul 2016); Complete Plays IV: Tilt & A Prince from Outer Space. Mitos-Boyut (İstanbul 2018).