Endre Kukorelly

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Budapest, Hungary


1998, 1999


Feb 1999 - July 1999

Born 1951 in Budapest/Hungary.

Study of history and library science at the University of Budapest.

Subsequently active as a correspondent and editor for various publishing houses.

Founding member and editor of the literature magazine “A ’84-es kijárat”.

1990 collaboration with Lettre International.

Since 1976 publication of numerous volumes of poetry, prose and essays, including in german language 1997 “Gedächtnisküste” (prose, Droschl Verlag), 1999 “Die Rede und die Regel” (prose, Edition Suhrkamp).

Also active as a translator, particularly of German poetry.

1995-96 recipient of a German Academic Exchange Service grant, Berlin.

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