Ivana Momcilovic

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Brussels, Belgium


2000, 2001


July 2001 - Aug 2001

Born 1964 in Belgrade (Yugoslavia).

Studied at the Academy for Dramatic Arts, Belgrade from 1986-1991.

Foundation of the artistic collective “Migrative Art” in 1992, a network of trans-national citizens and artists from former Yugoslavia and coordination of their activities until 1997.

Active since 1997 in the collective “Emigrative Art” as well as with the political and artistic groups Ne Pas Plier, Comité Culturelle des Sans-Papiers and SKART.

Numerous screenplays for TV and films, among others, “Nezno” (1991) and “Qui sont devenus mes amis”, Belgium (1995) as well as texts for political and artistic groups and the anti-capitalist movement.