Jazmina Figueroa

Field of Practice:

Digital, Coordination

City, Country:

Berlin, Deutschland




Nov 2021 - Dez 2022

Born in 1989.

Jazmina Figueroa is a Berlin-based writer. Her writing and research critically examine data extraction and experiences with technology as immensely personal, non-scalable and inherently socio-political. Jazmina’s essays on artistic subjects have been featured in Texte Zur Kunst, Flash Art, ArtForum, The Arts Of Working Class, and other publications.

In 2020, Figueroa was shortlisted for the Montez Press writers grant and commissioned to write her essay Infinite Whole. Her other published essays include On Expanded Spectatorship (March Journal, 2021), The Double Helix and Indigeneity: The Relationship Between Identity and Genomics featured in the 0.1% exhibition publication (Navel, 2019), and Methods of Representation in the book entitled Authenticity?: Observations and Artistic Strategies in the Post-Digital Age (Valiz, 2017).

In 2021, Figueroa was invited to participate in the Beyond Matter research project at Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM) in Karlsruhe/Germany, as an artist-in-residence. Recent work by Figueroa includes Call Signs (2021), a performance lecture to host sensorial experiences for virtual realms, exhibited and archived in the virtual space fantastic confabulations. In 2020, she co-founded tbc. to initiate an open-ended action network and showcase meaningful work that happens across echo chambers with artists, activists, musicians, and writers.