John Jordan

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

London, United Kingdom


2000, 2001


July 2001 - Dez 2001

Born in Paris.

The principal goal of his work can be described as finding a space where the imagination of art and the social engagement of politics could be brought together.

He was a co-director of Platform, an art and social science group for 10 years.

His projects often combine exhibitions or video installations with performance and action. Notable examples: “Still Waters” about lost rivers in London, 1992; “Consuming Desire” about men and pornography, 1993-1999.

Since 1994 he has been active in the direct action movement, especially with Reclaim the Street. He has published numerous flyers, posters and other mass media for the anti-capitalist movement (a book and CD-ROM project will be published in late 2001) and has held numerous lectures on the topic.

He is also a Fine Art teacher at Sheffield Hallam University.

Grants: Arts Council of Great Britain 1992 and 1998; London Arts Board 1993-95.