Judith Augustinovic

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2002, 2003


Jan 2002 - Dez 2002



Judith Augustinovic. Born 1966 in Bruck an der Mur/Austria.

Studied at the College for Interior Design and Furnishings (College für Innenausbau und Möbelbau) in Mödling, architecture studies at the Technical University of Vienna and at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

1996-2002 collaboration with Herbert Stattler worked as independent architects and foundation as_architecture in 2000.

Teaching positions at Technical University of Vienna from 1998-2004 in the Institute for Building Construction (Institut für Hochbau) and Institute for Creative Design (Institut für künstlerische Gestaltung).

Main focus on space, spacial perception and sensual, emotional aspects of architecture and artistic media.

Realized projects include: “can’t tin” – reconstruction of a canteen in Hall, Tirol (2000), conception and realization of media furniture for the zoomlab (a sound and media laboratory) in the Childrens Museum of the Museumsquartier Vienna (2001) and “Informationswärme”, interior design global tools, Künstlerhaus Vienna (2001).

Videoclips include: “gefuehlsrecht”, “can`t tin” (2000), “rendez vous”, “mouvement” (2001) with numerous international screenings.

Recent exhibition participations include: “der fuss in der tür”, “Neues Bauen in Tirol”, “Unsichtbare Architekturen – Systemerweiterung im mq areal” and “innere szene.”

2000 honorary prize for “experimental tendencies in architecture” from the Federal Chancellery of the Austrian Republic. 2001 Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky project scholarship of the Austrian Federal Chancellery for “der raum unter der haut”.