Komi Antoine Feda

Field of Practice:

Cultural Journalism & Digital Media


City, Country:

Lomé, Togo


2015, 2016, 2017


July 2016 - Nov 2016

Born 1973 in Lomé/Togo.

Komi Antoine Feda lives and works in Lomé, Togo. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences at Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry, Guinea. Through his political commitment, he started to work in journalism. While assisting in the blossoming of the Togolese theater and literature scene, which was supported by a new generation of writers after nearly 30 years of lethargy, he shifted towards cultural journalism.

Since 2000 Komi Antoine Feda has been working for several online and printed newspapers and magazines, both in Togo and abroad. Ever since, he has devoted himself to promote culture as a cultural actor and as a journalist. He took part in several capacity-building courses and workshops dealing with theater, festivals and art in different main cultural centers in former French colonies: Mali (Festival de Théâtre des Réalités, 2008), Burkina Faso (Arts critics 2009-2010; Les Récréatrales, 2014), and Senegal. He is also the General Secretary of Filbleu (Festival international des Lucioles ), a festival of French-speaking countries’ literature. This year’s edition with the theme »Arts and science against ignorance« took place in Lomé.

Currently, Komi Antoine Feda is working in collaboration with an NGO. Based on the work of Robert Park and the Chicago School of Sociology, IL/USA, they are bringing together journalists, sociologists, demographers and other professionals, to do descriptive and analytical research on different suburbs of Lomé. Furthermore, Komi Antoine Feda will be one of the editors of Togocultures, a Togolese online culture magazine, for the second time, starting in April 2016.

Komi Antoine Feda is a fellow of Akademie Schloss Solitude in the field of cultural journalism, a special program supported by the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung.