Laura Barić


Eastern European Network

City, Country:

Zagreb, Croatia




Oct 2019 - Dez 2019

Born 1993 in Belgrade/Serbia.

Laura Barić went to the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb/Croatia after which she continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in the animated film and new media department where she got her Master’s degree in 2016. During her studies, she was recognized as student of the year. In 2018/2019, she was one of the first generation students at the WHW Academija.

So far, she had participated in a series of group exhibitions such as Open Nova in Galerija Nova, Zagreb (2019), Poezija je Zec iz šešira in Galerija SKC, Rijeka (2019), Collective exhibition for a single body – WHW score in F22 Nova akademska scena, Zagreb (2019); as well as collaborated with Sonja Pregrad in the dance performance Dom in Slava Raškaj, Zagreb (2018), has had the photo intervention Ilica 89 in Q’ART, Zagreb (2018) and the solo exhibition P je nesigurno R in Galerija Šira, Zagreb (2017), and many more.

Her work is based on redefining everyday objects by placing them in new contexts and relations. She is making multimedia installations from different objects, videos, photographs, and text. Through the use of camera, she records small deviations from everyday life that fascinate her and thus creates a blueprint for work through which she seeks to highlight the potentials of the phenomena we take for granted. She is interested in the body, both physically and virtually and she uses the internet and its phenomena to explore ideas of productivity, discomfort, sensitivity, and borders. By exploring the potentials of spontaneity, aesthetics of defects, and boundaries of objects, she is trying to redefine the ubiquitous.