Marie-Hélène Gutberlet

Field of Practice:

Visual, Jury Core Group


Solitude fellowship

City, Country:

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Marie-Hélène Gutberlet, born in Wuppertal/Germany, studied art history, philosophy and film studies in Frankfurt am Main/Germany and Basel/Switzerland (Master of Arts 1995; PhD 2002). Since 2010, after nearly 20 years of work experience in film studies, she has been working as a freelance curator, publicist and film scholar at the interface between theory, film and art and its publics – mostly in collaborative constellations.

Together with Cara Snyman, Gutberlet curated the exhibition Shoe Shop in Johannesburg/South Africa (2012). From 2013–2014, she curated the exhibition The Space Between Us in Berlin/Germany and Stuttgart/Germany, which discusses artistic perspectives on questions of mobility and the Afro-German present.

From 2013–2015, Gutberlet and Tobias Hering led the film archive project Visionary Archive, with public editions in Berlin, Bissau/Guinea-Bissau, Johannesburg, Cairo/Ägypten, and Khartum/Sudan. Furthermore, in 2017, she co-initiated the festival Cours, cours, camarade, le vieux Monde est derrière toi – The Cinema of Med Hondo in Berlin, and is co-editor of the accompanying two-volume publication which is forthcoming. Since 2017, Anett Busch and Gutberlet have developed the project Women on Aeroplanes with editions in Berlin, Lagos/Nigeria, Bayreuth/Germany, London/United Kingdom, Warsaw/Poland, and Frankfurt am Main. They have created different formats that focus on the disparity of engagement and visibility of women in African independence movements – not to stress individual merits, but out of interest for processes, methods and economies of a long history of transcontinental and transcultural practice.