Martin Page

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2009, 2010, 2011


Oct 2009 - Sept 2010

Born 1975 in Paris.

Before publishing his first novel, Martin Page went to college where he took courses in law, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, art history and anthropology.

He also worked as a night watchman and a janitor at festivals, and as a monitor in middle high schools.

Page has published several novels, among others, Je suis un tremblement de terre [I am an earthquake], Conversation avec un gâteau au chocolat [Conversation with a chocolate cake] and Comment je suis devenu stupide [How I became stupid], for which he won the Euroregional schools’ literature prize in 2004.

His latest novel Peut-être une histoire d’amour [Perhaps a love story] was published in 2008. Page’s novels have been translated into 17 languages.

He wrote prefaces for Balzac’s Traité des excitants modernes, Oscar Wilde’s L’Ame humaine and Plume, pinceau, poison, and Horst Hamann’s Paris Vertical and an essay about the rain. Lately he was the editor of a collection of prefaces.