Michel Bauwens

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Brussels, Belgium


2020, 2021

Michel Bauwens, born in Belgium, is the founder and director of the P2P Foundation and works in collaboration with a global group of researchers in the exploration of peer production, governance, and property. Michel Bauwens is research director of CommonsTransition.org, a platform for policy development aimed towards a society of the Commons that would enable a more egalitarian, just, and environmentally stable world. He is a founding member of the Commons Strategies Group, together with Silke Helfrich and David Bollier, who have organized major global conferences on the commons. His book Save the world – Towards a Post Capitalist Society with P2P is based on a series of interviews with Jean Lievens. Originally published in Dutch in 2014 it has since been translated and published in French. Michel Bauwens is co-author with Vasilis Kostakis of Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy published by Palgrave Pivot in 2014.