Qassim Haddad


Jean-Jacques-Rousseau fellowship

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Feb 2012 - June 2012

Born 1970 in Bahrain.

Qassim Haddad is a writer as well as the head and a founding member of the “Bahrain Writers Association” which was founded in 1969. He is regarded as the most famous Bahraini poet. Qassim Haddad already published 15 collections of poetry as well as some novels. Translations of his works are available in English, German and French.

His numerous publications include: The Heart of Love, Bahrain (1980); Walking Guarded with Ibexes, Bahrain (1986); Qassim’s Grave, Bahrain (1997); Not by this Way nor by the Other (1997); Theatre in Bahrain, Experience and Horizon, Bahrain (1980).

Furthermore, Qassim Haddad is member of the Awal Theater in Bahrain and member of the editorial committee of the literary periodical Kalemat.