Susanne Winterling

Field of Practice:

Performing Arts

City, Country:

Berlin, Germany


2005, 2006, 2007


Apr 2007 - Sept 2007


Born 1970 in Rehau/Germany.

Master of Arts in art history and philosophy 1995. Studies in fine arts in Hamburg und Braunschweig, diploma 2002. Founding member of the Akademie Isotrop 1996-2000. 2003/04 honors student.

Selected exhibitions: “Nomadenoase” (solo exhibition, Akademie Isotrop Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Bremen, 1999), “Alien – Inside the Outside” (Austrian Cultural Institute, Rome; Swiss Institute, New York; Mediengalerie Ludwigshafen, 2002), “Rituale” (Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Berlin, 2003), “As soon as possible” (PAC, Milano, 2003), “Was ist in meiner Wohnung wenn ich nicht da bin” (Guardini Foundation Berlin, 2004), “Faxe Condi” (Futura Projects, Prague, 2004), “A skin too thin” (solo exhibition in the Galerie Meerrettich, 2005) and “Viper” (Kunsthalle Basel, 2006).

In 2004 she was awarded the Filmpreis Junge Visuelle Medien (film prize for young visual media), Niedersachsen. In 2005 she was granted an artist residency at the Duolun MoMA in Shanghai. 2006 participation in the MSA Program Los Angeles, EHF-Fellowship and residency at the Museum of Photography in Moscow.