Urs Liska

Field of Practice:

Music / Sound

City, Country:

Freiburg, Germany


2002, 2003


July 2002 - Nov 2002

Born 1973 in Stuttgart.

Studied piano and music theory at the Freiburg Conservatory (Musikhochschule) and studied song arrangement at the Zurich Conservatory.

Works as a pianist and music teacher.

Latest performances include: complete performance of Schönbergs Lieder: Freiburg (2002) and Heidelberg Frühling (2001); initiative for new music Suonomobile: Freiburg and Kleve (2002), Hamburg and Stuttgart (2001); integration of synthesizer/live electronics in the repertoire (first concert October 2001 with music from the 13th century to the present).

2000 grant from the art foundation (Kunststiftung) Baden-Württemberg.