Victoria Lomasko


Jean-Jacques-Rousseau fellowship

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June 2022 - Nov 2022

Victoria Lomasko is a Russian political artist who was based in Moscow/Russia until March 2022.

She has a degree in graphic arts from Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

Her book Other Russias is a collection of »graphic reportages«, a self-described style of art making and record keeping. It was published in six countries, including in the USA by n+1 and in the UK by Penguin.

She has focused predominantly on mural making in recent years. Her work has appeared in Art in America, The Guardian, GQ Russia, The New Yorker and in exhibitions around the world including Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna/Austria; Garage Museum in Moscow; Miami University Humanities Center, Oxford/USA, GRAD at Somerset House, London/UK and the Cartoonmuseum, Basel/Switzerland.