Z. Blace

Field of Practice:

Web-based Media


Solitude fellowship

City, Country:

Zagreb, Stuttgart, Ghent, Brussels, Berlin, Croatia


2017, 2018, 2019


Dez 2017 - Apr 2018



Z.Blace. Akademie, Photo, 2020

Born 1976 in Capljina/Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

Z. Blace is (in+)consistently working (in-)between fields of contemporary culture and arts, digital technology and media, community sports and activism – by cross-pollinating queer perspectives and methodologies with social and political practices.

He studied at Fine Arts Academies in Zagreb/Croatia from 1995 to 2002 and Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2006 to 2008, also with Keiko Sei & Vasulkas (FaVU, Brno/Czech Republic) and Nan Hoover (Summer Academy Salzburg, Austria). As a researcher, he worked for JANvanEYCK.nl and phdArts.eu. He is artist/curator-in-residence at Thing.net, transmediale.de, UCSD.edu, PatchingZone.nl, Roodkapje.nl, TimeLab.org.

Z. Blace co-founded and curated media projects and exhibitions at the Multimedia Institute/MaMa and LABinary in Croatia (1999 – 2008), and Silent*Observers at UCSD in 2006. He instigated the sport-culture-activism initiatives qSPORT/QueerSport.info in Croatia and ccSPORT.link in Berlin/Germany. His engagements from 2014 to 2017 include: Pop-up Rainbow with ToolsForAction.net, Kickertables with TimeLab.org, Entorse.org & Recommerce/Bains.be.

He had work sessions with ConstantVzw.org with f0.am/Beursschouwburg.be; Contesting/Contexting SPORT 2016 with nGbK.de & KK/B. Queering sessions on: Communism with TeleKommunisten.net/transmediale.de and Sports with VanAbbemuseum.nl.

Z. Blace lives and works between Zagreb, Berlin, Stuttgart, Ghent, Brussels and his hometown Capljina/Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Z.Blace. Akademie, Photo, 2020