Zad Moultaka

City, Country:

France, Lebanon


2013, 2014, 2015

Born 1967 in Lebanon.

Zad Moultaka works as a composer and pianist. He studied at Conservatoire de Paris, France and began his career as a solo pianist. In 1993 he began working as a composer. His Arabic descent and his education in the tradition of the West, remain to have a great impact on his work. Consequently, he seeks to draw from both worlds and experiments with language, structure, signs, and the modality of occidental music. Since 2003 a range of works were produced, which are constantly expanded. In doing so, all forms of cast and variation are possible, beginning with choir, ensemble, chamber music, vocal soloists, to electroacoustics, and installations.

Zad Moultaka is a fellow in cooperation with Musik der Jahrhunderte.