Solitude Journal 3 – Mutations

Published by Akademie Schloss Solitude and KfW Stiftung

Mutations are processes with unpredictable consequences: transformation, loss of control and irreversibility, but also diversity, metamorphosis, and hybridity. The challenges facing the world’s population today, first and foremost rapid climate change, can be discussed with the help of the concept of mutations and their various mechanisms. Mutations have the potential to generate a simultaneous mix of unease and optimism, particularly in the context of concomitant social structural change.

For this third edition of the Solitude Journal, the »Mutations« thematic residency fellows acted as editors, offering a place and space for different approaches to the mutations theme. In an effort to expand the western scientific based definition of mutations, the focus of the fellows and invited contributors goes beyond logical systems and seeks to utilize the potential of an inter- and transdisciplinary approach to artistic research in order to critically rethink the concept of mutations and, consequently, life.

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