Sept 27 – Nov 4, 2007

Exhibitions I. Carlos, K. Damrau/B. Kusserow, I. Hora

Date: Sept 27, 2007, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: Sept 27 – Nov 4, 2007

Location: Akademie Schloss Solitude

Isaac Carlos

The video »Forgetfulness« revolves around both real and imagined stories, showing a bizarre dreamlike scene, in a cinema-like space, in which juice is squeezed from flowers and plants with a rust-free distillation appliance. Every once in a while a visitor appears who seems magically attracted to the scene and is drawn to use the apparatus. Besides the video, the installation also displays the appliance. Here, Carlos illustrates the representation of things and their incomplete and subjective meaning.

Isaac Carlos (*1972 in Malange, Angola) studied sculpture at the AR.CO Center for Art and Communication in Lisbon. Since the 1990s, his artistic interest has been kinetic sculptures and the interdisciplinary practice. Since 2002, he has worked as an artistic set designer for the ZT Hollandia Theater Group as well as a technical consultant at the Rijksakademie of Visual Arts in Amsterdam. Carlos is a 2007 Solitude fellow.

Karin Damrau/Bernd Kusserow
»Allocentric Space and Egocentric Perception«

If we consider the experience of space, it’s clear that there are two different kinds of perception: first, the observation of the space from outside from an uninvolved, allocentric perspective. Then there’s the active experience of space from the inside. Since here we take a central position, it can be designated as egocentric. The installation »Allocentric Space and Egocentric Perception« in the Akademie’s Hirschgang creates both objective and subjective references to the location, making it visible and experienceable in its various dimensions.

Karin Damrau (*1970 in Darmstadt) studied architecture in Stuttgart, Bordeaux and London. She has taught in the architectural department of the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen since 1999, and is a partner at Damrau Kusserow Architects in Cologne ( Damrau received Northern Rhine-Westphalia’s young architect prize in 2006, and is a 2006-7 fellow of the Akademie.

Bernd Kusserow (*1967 in Marbach am Neckar) studied architecture in Stuttgart, Delft und London before working in the architectural office Ingenhoven Overdiek + Partner, Düsseldorf and as a project manager with the architects von Mansberg and Wiskott in Lüneburg. Since 2001, he has been an instructor in the architectural department of the RWTH Aachen, at which he has developed and led the practice- and research-oriented project »Zukunft Wohnen« – »Future Living« since 2004. He is a partner at Damrau Kusserow Architects in Cologne.

Ingrid Hora
»Sometimes I whisper in the wind until I hear you«

The people of ancient China and Japan believed that they could carry their desires and requests to the gods on kites. Marco Polo even reported that Chinese captains attached people to kites and sent them up into the air. If they stayed aloft, smooth sailing was guaranteed. But it was a bad omen if they faltered or crashed, and the ship stayed in the harbor. In her installation, Ingrid Hora deals with this belief or superstition as well as the hope for wind and kites. She has constructed a wooden ring onto which numerous balloons are attached with paper bands. Worries and problems noted on the paper disappear when the balloons are released into the air.

Ingrid Hora (*1976 in Bozen/Italy) currently lives in London. She studied architecture and experimental design in Vienna and London. In 2003–2004, she earned her Masters of Arts from the Royal College of Art. Many international exhibitions followed. She has held a number of teaching positions since 2001, such as the Summer School of the Architectural Association (AA) in London and at the Technical University in Vienna. Hora is a 2007 Solitude fellow.

The exhibition is on view from Friday, September 28 to Sunday, November 4, 2007.
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The exhibitions are closed on All Saints Day, November 1.