Apr 23, 2008

Reading Donata Rigg and Dirk Schulte

Date: Apr 23, 2008, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: Apr 23, 2008

Location: Literaturhaus Stuttgart

Donata Rigg: Heimplanet (»Home Planet«) (working title)
Dirk Schulte: Vom Stand der Dinge (»From the Status Quo«) (working title)

Donata Rigg and Dirk Schulte present excerpts from their novel projects, created at Solitude, for the first time at the Literaturhaus Stuttgart. Jean-Baptiste Joly will moderate the evening.

»Who is talking when someone says »I«, is the central sentence in Rigg’s novel, which tells the story of Emilia, who has taken her own life. Her suicide and her »sister’s« subsequent journey form the book’s structure and encompass the novel both content-wise and narratively. Albert and Emilia’s »sister«, the novel’s narrator, travel together to the location of the dramatic events and celebrate, at Emilia’s funeral gathering, the swan song of her love.

In his novel, Dirk Schulte deals with the vague fear of the western world and it’s increasing dependence on religion and pseudo-religion as an alleged solution. For lack of an alternative, the thirty-year-old Thomas takes an administrative job. Goaded by a friend, he boycotts his position for so long that he loses the job. At the same time he begins a relationship with the young Sophie, who has turned to Christian fundamentalism and puts his atheism to the test.

Donata Rigg (*1976 in Constance) studied theater, new German literature and philosophy at Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2006 she earned an additional degree at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. Rigg lives in Leipzig and is a freelance novelist. She is a 2007/8 fellow at the Akademie.

Dirk Schulte (*1973 in Soest) worked for six years working with handicapped people as an educator before he finished his studies in the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. Dirk Schulte now works as a freelance author and journalist in Leipzig and was nominated for the NRW literature award. He is a fellow at the Akademie in 2007-2008.

A cooperation with the Literaturhaus Stuttgart.

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