Feb 10, 2024

Workshop Sharing »What they Say about Bodies« with Yon Natalie Mik

in cooperation wth ABK Stuttgart

Date: Feb 10, 2024, 16:00 Uhr


Location: Experimentierbühne Heusteigtheater, Heusteigstraße 45, 70180 Stuttgart

Posterdesign by Nick Liebig

Posterdesign by Nick Liebig

Workshop Sharing 

What they say about Bodies, 2024

In her teaching at the MFA KTPP program, artist and dancer Yon Natalie Mik proposes a collaborative practice in which students engage in exercises examining modes of expanded choreographies. Kinetic dialogues with oneself and others probe the body as a site of knowledge. Movements drawn from places of vulnerability and unpredictability, become the material for building multi-faceted bodily structures that embody individual or collective expressions of refusal, empowerment, and support.

What they say about Bodies—performed by students of the MFA KTPP program—is the sharing of these ongoing thoughts and rehearsals. It is an invitation to become part of our social choreography as we continue to explore what it means to convene, move together, and make our movements public. We continue questioning how choreographic knowledge can serve as a tool to engage in dialogue with seemingly rigid authorities, social norms, or forms of discrimination. We keep asking how our bodies can touch, hold each other, slide without collapsing, rotate, or pause a few more seconds before approaching another with more care.

The sharing of our practice will start at 4pm and is followed by an informal exchange with tea, coffee, and snacks.

MFA KTPP program

The program in art “Body, Theory, and Poetics of the Performative” allows students to formulate a deeper artistic position in the field of the performative. The M.F.A. regards working on the material, working with the body, linguistic productions, and theoretical reflections as independent but inseparable practices that come together with the performative in artistic work. In our M.F.A. program, heterogeneous practices, different backgrounds, and artistic positions coexist with and alongside one another. The focus is on the process. MFA KTPP students are Jana Haberkern, Lem TragNguyen, Mara Julia Engelsberger, Luciano Mazzo, Julian Sturz, Stella Ruszkowski, Agathe Colombo, Katharina Link, Sepide Elmi, Hannah Kindler, Damon Taleghani


Yon Natalie Mik is an artist and dancer who works at the intersection of performance, poetry, and theory. Drawing from the kinetic knowledge of disobedient and oppressed bodies, Mik’s expanded choreographies are anchored on the subversive power of fragility. She is a recipient of the cooperation fellowship between the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and Akademie Schloss Solitude.