Dez 8, 2016

Deutscher Reporterpreis for the web documentary Ackerbunt

The multimedia documentary Ackerbunt by Elisabeth Weydt, Jakob Fuhr and Christine Anas was awarded the Deutsche Reporterpreis as best web documentary. In October it already won the Journalistenpreis of the Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien in the category multimedia.

The web documentary depicts two Quechua sisters from Perú, who found a remarkable solution for the problems of climate change. By studying the thousand-year-old agricultural traditions of their ancestors, they started fighting the lack of water and starvation in their home region. Former wasteland is turning into fertile ground. They are able to live of their land, without being dependent on charity money or the market. But their small paradise is being threatened by the copper and gold resources lying beneath it. The mining concessions are already sold.

The multimedia documentary can be found here.

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