Apr 9, 2024

Lecture performance »CORPOREALITY« by Martyna Marciniak & Nataša Vukajlović at Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen on April 20, 2024

© Eva Scholl

From April 19 to 21, 2024, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen will host a panel with a series of events as part of the group exhibition Decoding the Black Box, which will expand and deepen the content of the exhibition on a theoretical and practical basis.

The exhibition Decoding the Black Box unravels the processes that take place in our technical devices – the so-called black boxes. The artists represented in the exhibition reveal how digital technologies work and at the same time visualize the effects they have on our perception of reality.

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, the lecture performance CORPOREALITY (of corporate reality) by the two Solitude fellows Martyna Marciniak and Nataša Vukajlović will take place at 3 pm. Big statements about the future of automation and headlines such as »Data is the new oil«, »AI is the future of work« or »Welcome to the age of AI super assistants« are thrown at us every day. While such statements convey the illusion of a more efficient, optimized and AI-regulated world, they abstract the factors underlying automation, including the material and physical dimension. Using selected case studies, the lecture performance will provide creative and provocative responses to this problematic, methodically dissecting selected headlines to rethink AI in relation to the value of human labor, material resources, exploitation and exhaustion.

In addition to the lecture performance by Martyna Marciniak and Nataša Vukajlović, the Decoding the Black Box panel presents contributions by !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Olsen, Evan Roth and Eryk Salvaggio. Participation in the panel events is free.

More information about the panel can be found on the website of Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen.

Martyna Marciniak is a Polish, Berlin/Germany-based digital artist and researcher working at the intersection of sculpture, 3D art, animation, and film.

Nataša Vukajlovićs interdisciplinary background is shaped by her work at the intersection of the production, curation, and communication of creative and scientific projects. She holds a Master’s degree in Museum Management and Communication from HTW Berlin (2019–2022), and wrote her thesis on the subject of representational strategies in exhibitions.