Dez 4, 2020

»Liminoid Encounters« – 10 fellows invite you to participate in a three-day live online program

Featuring readings, film screenings, performances, workshops and experimental discussion formats

December 10-12, 2020, online via Zoom

Akademie Schloss Solitude is adopting a very hands-on approach with its three-day online event »Liminoid Encounters«. Ten fellows will be opening their studios to the digital sphere, where they invite you to enjoy poetic readings, dance and video performances as well as writing, conversation and telepathy meetings.
»Liminoid Encounters« is the Akademie’s final event of its anniversary year. In the absence of the pandemic, the Akademie’s Winter Festival with Open Studios would have taken place in early December. Since this is currently impossible, a Zoom online format was initiated in order to give the fellows the opportunity to present their work and to enter into an active exchange with the audience.

Fittingly, as a transition from the anniversary theme of »transformation«, which has characterized the (digital) series of talks and workshops featuring important contemporary thinkers in its 30th anniversary year, the Akademie is dedicating the three-day live online program to liminality – a term coined by ethnologist Victor Turner – which describes a liminal state in which individuals or groups find themselves after they have ritually detached themselves from the prevailing social order.
With »Liminoid Encounters«, the participating artists address that moment of being in-between, of becoming. The Covid-19 pandemic has, in particular, heightened awareness of the fragile vulnerabilities and closely interwoven dependencies of human existence and coexistence with non-human agents. How can our society change and pursue a more mindful coexistence? A diverse range of online encounters provides the space and time to engage with these questions. At the same time, Akademie Schloss Solitude uses the event to explore the possibilities of care and exchange in the digital sphere, as well as the reliance on and limits of this medium.

At »Liminoid Encounters«, you will encounter a daily dance performance, »Live au Zenith« by Lisa Biscaro Balle, in which the choreographer and dancer questions her divided cultural heritage. The two-part writing meeting led by Giuliana Kiersz creates a »safe space« for collective reflection on »collecting language« and the flood of information we are exposed to daily on digital platforms. Seyed Mohsen Hazarati invites you to take a virtual journey through a utopian world where cars can talk in the live performance »QQQ (Can vehicles talk to each other?)«.

With contributions by: Aouefa Amoussouvi, researcher, Germany; Lisa Biscaro Balle, choreographer and dancer, Brazil/France; Genevieve Costello, researcher and artist, UK; Maayan Danoch, choreographer, dancer and teacher, Germany/Israel; Seyed Mohsen Hazrati, graphic designer and artist; Giuliana Kiersz, writer and dramatist, Argentina; Solælune (Nardeen Galuaa & Alieldin Ayman), artist duo, Egypt; Sofie Verraest, writer, Belgium; Valentina Sciarra, artist, Bulgaria.

Curated by Berit Fischer.

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